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Crafts enrich our lives. I work with lifestyle, crafts, and interiors brands to share their story and connect them to creative makers across the world.

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Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Let’s make something inspiring together! A sponsored DIY tutorial puts products and ideas into context. For more info, rates, and a media kit email me at anna@craftedpress.com

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Editorial services | Work with me! craftingfingers.co.uk

I accept samples (materials, books, kits, decor, tools, etc) to use in future tutorials, giveaways, and other crafty content. Let me know what you want to share at anna@craftedpress.com

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Other opportunities

DIY modern wall clock makeover craftingfingers.co.uk #RustOleum #upcycling

If you need a DIY contributor or have another crafty opportunity in mind, let’s talk about it. Email me or find me on Instagram or Twitter.

I’ve worked with some amazing brands:

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Are you ready to inspire and empower makers?

Whether you are an indie business or a global brand, amazing things happen when you sprinkle in some DIY. I can work with you to make an original crafts tutorial that focuses on your amazing service, product, or a theme related to your company. I only work with people whose goods and services I can personally support, so when you work with me you get a raving fan as well as professional creative content. You’ll be connected to savvy creative people who will be excited about what you do and what you offer. (And it’s up to you if this content goes on my website or yours!)

Makers are the movers of the modern world. We like to live our way and when we can’t find the right look, style, or product we will make it ourselves. We seek community and love sharing the satisfaction of completing a project or finding the perfect yarn. People who craft are savvy and search for the perfect solution to their problems – so when your business is connected to the creative DIY community, people know your product has been put to the test. Working with makers means you connect to your customers as authentically as possible, giving you more authority than a simple static ad (no matter how well placed) could ever get you.

Ready to make something together? Email me at anna@craftedpress.com and we can talk details.

Who’s Anna?

Hey there! I’m Anna, blogger here at Crafting Fingers. As well as sharing DIY tutorials, reviews, and crafty ideas here on the blog I’ve worked as a magazine editor, product photographer, and marketing manager. You could say that blogging was pretty much inevitable at that point. Born in Finland, I spent a decade in the US when I was a kid and have now lived in the UK for over five years. Connecting to makers online across the globe fuels my spirit. Pretty and practical home and interiors projects are my speciality, although I never say no to a good DIY!

Get in touch: anna@craftedpress.com | @craftingfingers | Use the form below!


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