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Making makes life better.

Crafts are a tangible way of making your mark on the world. The joy of crafting can be as simple as giving a handmade gift, or it can be more complicated. Crafts can be a political statement. Making can put scrumptious dinner on the table, finish an outfit with the right scarf, or fix up old furniture. Whether you’re making your home a better place or on a mission to make the world a better place, a bit of DIY puts more of you into your life.

Making is what you make it. You choose to make, bake, or buy. What do you want to make for your life?

I’m Anna. I’m a magazine editor, hobby photographer, and craft-addict. Every month in 2013, I learned a new craft technique. I started this blog to document that goal. Along the way I met hundreds of other creatives and makers who also said “I want to learn ____” too many times to count. Now, I share DIY tutorials as I learn and perfect new techniques so other makers can learn them too. Life is meant to be made! I like too many crafts techniques just to stick to one or two, so you can find crochet, knitting, macrame, sewing, stamping, furniture makeovers, and anything else that gets the right look a project needs.

Some quick facts:

I was born in Finland, speak with a fading American accent, and live in the UK. I love nature, photography, coffee, herbal teas, overflowing bookshelves, and cats. I’m addicted to cosy blankets and oversized sweaters.

You can find me at work at Crafted Press

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