DIY Wire Rose Bouquet

DIY wire rose #industrial decor |

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These roses have been inspired by my latest obsession with rustic industrial interiors. (Or as Annie Sloan calls it, warehouse interiors.) I love industrial decor for the way it combines practical with cosy. And what’s more practical than flowers that don’t need to be watered?

All you need is a pair of pliers and some galvanised wire.

Best bit? This project is also outdoor friendly. Rose-topped plant supports would be gorgeous!

What you’ll need

DIY wire rose #industrial decor |

  • Galvanised garden wire, at least 1.5mm thick
  • Wire cutters (or bend the wire repeatedly to break it)
  • Pair of pliers (mine are from a basic jewellery pliers set)

Putting it together

DIY wire rose #industrial decor |

Start at one end of your wire. Bend a U-shape to create the centre of the rose. Fold the top of the U-shape outward, as seen to the right.

DIY wire rose #industrial decor |

Curl the wire around to create a rough circle. Here you can see the result from two angles. This is exactly how I start all my roses, whatever their final size or shape!

DIY wire rose #industrial decor |

Create petals by making loose U-shaped bends. I like to wiggle the wire up and down so it’s dimensional from all angles. Here you can see the same bends from above and to the side.

DIY wire rose #industrial decor |

Keep circling the wire around, bending and twisting as you go. Imagine how rose petals start small in the centre and grow larger and looser at the edges.

DIY wire rose #industrial decor |

Create the body of the rose by bending the wire in a rough V-shape. Create a final section of petals, and bend the wire down again to create the final leg of the body. I place the legs at approximately one third away from each other, and then adjust the shape.

DIY wire rose #industrial decor |

Angle the wire down to create the stem. Leaves can be as simple as a loop of wire. I like giving the loop a few bends to match the rough, unique shapes of the roses.

DIY wire rose #industrial decor |

Finished! Repeat as desired and your bouquet is ready to display!

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What style is your decor?

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