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FREE Chic and Fresh Weekly Planner Printables

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Every week is Stationery Week in my book.

With an overflowing to do list and too many scattered thoughts to count, putting pen to paper is a lifesaver for me. There’s nothing better than some crispy fresh paper and smooth ink to get my creative juices flowing. Mmmmmhmmmm.

To celebrate stationery, social media, and my teeny-tiny obsession with boho themes, I’ve made this fresh and chic set of weekly planner printables. For free, for you, right now! 

5 Things That Helped Me Get Unstuck and Back on Track

  • 7 min read

Disclosure | Some items featured c/o Barker and Stonehouse

Once upon a time, I thought burnout was something people made up as an excuse.

Then it happened to me. Twice. Both times a combination of work that didn’t fuel my spirit, lack of exercise, too many restaurant meals, and plenty more bad habits spiralled into months of no real creating. Instead of doing things I might have wanted to do or craved doing, I did what I “should”.

Here are some things that have helped me heal and thrive after burnout. I’m very much an introverted person so for me, getting the right mindset is all about what I’m thinking about and my personal home space. Getting over burnout is all about letting yourself truly relax & unwind.

Stepping back into the party

  • 4 min read

If a crafter makes something without anyone else around, does it make a sound?

Ok, ok, bear with me. I’m a bit rusty when it comes to this whole writing thing. Maybe a better start would have been the golden cliche of ‘Is this thing still on?’

This month I’m honoured to be featured in Simply Crochet magazine. In Issue 55, they’ve dedicated a whole article to one of my favourite topics: finding a tribe. You can find some of my comments on the topic from page 66, where I discuss online community along with the skilled Amanda of Little Box of Crochet, Mandy of Red Agape, and other inspiring makers.

I look back on the history of this blog. There have been highs and lows. I have nostalgic memories of making new friends and the satisfaction that can only be won through hard work, as well as literal blood, sweat, tears, and tension headaches. I have written over 150 posts on Crafting Fingers alone and been honoured to get over 600 comments so far. It’s harder to measure how many conversations, giggles, and debates have been had on social media, too. This blog wouldn’t have kept on if it weren’t for the community I found online & off.

DIY Felted Mushrooms

  • 2 min read

Anna-Simmonds-Felted Mushrooms-14

I love how felted fungi look. Mushrooms are a wonderful, whimsical piece of décor that can look as cultured or as fantastical as you like. Whether gourmet chantarelles or little Smurf houses, mushrooms look lovely all year round. All they need is a bit of styling for a seasonal look. (Although a certain Italian plumber definitely thinks mushrooms are in fashion ALL year.)

For a whimsical, earthy, and delicious fungi-friendly look I used needle felt to make this DIY mushroom display. I’ve shared the full tutorial over on Minerva Crafts:

Read the full DIY Felted Mushrooms tutorial on Minerva Crafts >

Anna-Simmonds-Felted Mushrooms-2

To make your own mushroom display you’ll need:

  • Natural wool roving in grey, brown, white, and other suitable woodland shades (the Assorted Browns felt pack is perfect)
  • Felting needle(s)
  • Felting mat
  • Scissors
  • Optional: stiff floral wire & wire cutters

Why I Love Sewing

  • 4 min read


Back in 2012 – the year The Hobbit was finally in theatres, and everyone joked that the world would end – I realised I hadn’t made anything for over a year. That’s how this blog started.

Like an echo, 2015 ended a lot like 2012 did for me. It hadn’t been a yearlong break from making, but at this point even a two month break feels like an eternity. Two months of daily progress on something adds up – and you never get that time back. After weeks of intense making all summer and autumn long, my DIY flame burned out. Kaput.

Confession? When I haven’t been in bed at 8PM, I’ve been a film junkie instead. All those years of turning my nose up at unproductive sofa potatoes has come back to haunt me! And yet, the cliche of the brain working when you’re not actively being creative is true. After a winter funk, I’m bursting with ideas.

The Handmade Fair has gone festive – and I have a ticket offer for you

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The Handmade Christmas Fair

It’s the craftiest time of year again.

The Christmas lights have been switched on in our city centre. Dark evenings now have a distinctly festive touch. For once in my life I’m ahead in Christmas shopping. (That is, I haven’t left it until the last possible minute.)

And the cherry on the cake—The Handmade Christmas Fair is just days away.

If you’re a fellow fan of Kirstie Allsopp, you might know of The Handmade Fair. For the second time this year, the Fair is throwing a craft bash with Kirstie Allsopp herself attending. And it gets better.

I have an exclusive ticket offer just for my readers. Here’s a code you can use to get £5 off your ticket.

Get a Full Experience ticket for £20 instead of £25
Code: CF20

T&Cs: Booking and transaction fees apply. Offer applies to Full Experience tickets purchased in advance only and offer ends 21st November.