August’s Technique of the Month: Watercolours [REVIEW]

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Cass Art. I was sent these products to review.

Watercolours have long been something I’ve admired, without trying myself.

I loved them in school. Adding the colour to water is almost half the fun. Watching it swirl around never gets old!

In a throwback to the origin of this blog, I’ve decided to dedicate the month of August to learning a new technique. In between work and chores and way too much time by the computer, a creative outlet seems like just the right way to have a little bit of me time. And Cass Art’s watercolour selection is massive. They have everything from single colours to pens to professional sets.

So armed with some (hopefully) Insta worthy brush pens and Cass Art’s Aspiring Watercolour Starter Set, I’ve started a journey into a new technique.

DIY Seed Bead Bracelet Kit

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DIY Seed Bead Bracelet | Kit Review

This post is sponsored by Jewellery Maker.

What’s your vote on craft kits? I’m still pretty 50/50. Some of them are amazing and fuel creativity, while others feel a bit cookie cutter and restrictive.

When Jewellery Maker said they have a new range of DIY kits, I wanted to try one for myself. The kit touts itself as “everything you need in one box to take you through the basics”.

And since I had never made a seed bead bracelet before, I just had to put that claim to the test! Scroll through to get my 5 top tips for working with seed beads so you have an easier time than I did figuring it out for the first time.

Annie Sloan Wall Paint Review (+ Beginner Friendly Wall Painting Guide)

  • 9 min read

Annie Sloan Wall Paint and Wall Paint Brush review

The second best part about staying at my parents in Finland is their house. (The best best part is, obviously, spending time with family.)

Mom and Dad’s house is HUGE. As in, the place is massive. As in, you can lose someone in it and so we regularly use our smartphones to find each other. As in, there’s always a cool project to dig your teeth into. (Skolbacka used to be a schoolhouse, how cool is that?)

Because I move a lot and rent I’ve never bothered painting walls. So at Mom and Dad’s I jumped on the opportunity to try wall painting.

That’s right. This is the first time I’ve ever painted a wall and it’s the first time I’ve ever used Annie Sloan Wall Paint. Let the experiment commence!

DIY Thrift Store Art Chalk Marker Makeover

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Disclosure: I got Chalkola chalk markers in exchange for a review. Affiliate links are marked with a *.

Whenever I go into a thrift shop or charity shop there’s always a good piece of wall art or two.

In other words, I might have a bit of a collection at this point. My favourite find so far is this A2 sized impressionist art print within a matching blue frame. After being in our home for a few years, I wanted to give it an update. (And the print doesn’t have any info on the artist, so if you recognise the work please let me know!)

I wanted a quick art makeover that still celebrated the beauty of the print and could be easily changed in the future, too. Armed with chalk markers and a bit of Pinterest inspiration, here’s the process so you can makeover your own thrift shop art finds.

Sewing with Craft Club Box

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craftclubbox subscription review Crafting Fingers-2

Above: The results of my first Craft Club Box

Sewing is my big craft focus this year. So when Courtney of Craft Club Box offered me a trial of her craft box subscription, I couldn’t resist. Each box has a surprise pack of beautiful materials, instructions for a project, and a complementary eMagazine with hundreds of curated projects for inspiration.

Neatly packed, April’s kit is a wonderful bundle of spring colours and useful materials, including the main star of the show: the triangle zipper pouch kit with step-by-step instructions. I really enjoyed this project, but more on that below!

craftclubbox subscription review Crafting Fingers-1

For a total of £10 per box and £3 p&p, I think the box is a bargain. As well as kit materials and instructions, there’s a few bits to add to your craft stash for other projects. April’s box contains:

The Kit Contains:
* Art gallery fabric for patchwork x 3 roughly 5×14 each”
* Lining fabric roughly 8×14”
* 8” Light blue zip
*Mint Green Flat Faux Suede Cord roughly 28”
* Vilene quiltex iron on wadding roughly 7×14”
The Bundle Contains:
* Wool blend felt in mint 5×5”
* Wool blend felt in rose 5×5”
* Wool blend felt in beige 5×5”
* Fat quarter Cotton lawn in mint
* Mint shank buttons x3
* Edged crochet trim in light blue or pink or white x 1y
* Metal dog hook
* Embroidery thread in mint
* Embroidery thread in coral

craftclubbox subscription review Crafting Fingers-5

And every month, Courtney sends subscribers a helpful emag. As well as including a peek of the box contents, the Craft Club Box emag includes a wealth of more crafting inspiration and helpful tips for the month’s sewing kit.

Why I Love Sewing

  • 4 min read


Back in 2012 – the year The Hobbit was finally in theatres, and everyone joked that the world would end – I realised I hadn’t made anything for over a year. That’s how this blog started.

Like an echo, 2015 ended a lot like 2012 did for me. It hadn’t been a yearlong break from making, but at this point even a two month break feels like an eternity. Two months of daily progress on something adds up – and you never get that time back. After weeks of intense making all summer and autumn long, my DIY flame burned out. Kaput.

Confession? When I haven’t been in bed at 8PM, I’ve been a film junkie instead. All those years of turning my nose up at unproductive sofa potatoes has come back to haunt me! And yet, the cliche of the brain working when you’re not actively being creative is true. After a winter funk, I’m bursting with ideas.