DIY Macrame Bottle Vases

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Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Disclosure: This DIY was made in collaboration with Space Station

Feeling knotty?

Macrame is such a quick way to wrap and hang pretty much anything you can think of. (Seriously. People have done it to shoes.) Plant hangers is just the start of it. For a quick and summer-loving DIY I’ve put together this tutorial to make macrame wrapped bottle vases.

It’s the perfect upcycled touch to a summer garden party. Hanging or not, you choose!


Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

  • Clean and dry bottles, labels removed (I love these J2O bottles!)
  • Jute or twine; at least four 1.25 metre long pieces per bottle
    and a bit more to create the handle and base
  • Scissors

Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Putting it all together

Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Base: Start with an arm’s length of twine. Loop around the neck of the bottle and weave the ends around to create a sturdy base.

Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Fold one 1.25m long piece of twine in half, and insert the middle point behind the base. Pull the ends through the loop and tighten.

Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Repeat until you have at least four evenly spaced pairs as shown.

Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Square knot: Using two pairs, knot as shown. The right-hand side should loop under and over on the first knot, then over and under on the second knot. This makes a ‘square’ knot that will lay flat and keep its tension.

Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Repeat the knot on the other side.

Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Keep alternating pairs as you go along. Pull the work down to see the design as you work. Experiment with spacing to get a net you prefer.

Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Bottom fringe: Secure the macrame to the bottom of the bottle with a couple more square knots as shown. Make sure the twine is tied tightly and won’t easily push aside.

Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Knot the ends using square knot, this time without any space between knots. Tie off and trim the ends.

Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

To hang: Use a couple 60+ cm lengths of twine to add handles. Loop over the base on opposite sides of the bottle.

Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Tie the handles together at the top and hang as desired! Perfect for a floral display in the garden.

Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

A simple alternative (above right) is to knot the twine like I did in my macrame bag fringe tutorial: loop the outer threads around the middle ones.

Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Knotted macrame bottle vases #DIY #macrame

Rustic and weathered, I love how well twine sits with so many types of decor. All I’m missing is the New England beach house!

What have you been making lately?

Lots of crafty love,


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  14. thank you for sharing this pattern! i’m having trouble tying off the bottom of mine so that it doesn’t slip up over the bottom of the bottle. I have six pairs instead of four because i’m working with a bigger bottle. any advice? thanks! xx

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