The hassle-free way to plan your next DIY (printable)

Printable craft project planner |  #crafts #DIY #printable #freebie

Who has two dozen WIPs and more to come?

Yeah. Guilty as charged.

The only catch about exploring new ideas and trying new techniques is that sometimes (if there’s no hard deadline) it’s easy for a project to just go on forever. Which isn’t always a bad thing. Some ideas are like wine and need to mature for a while before they can be best put to use. Totally cool!

Problem is when you get back to a project and have no freaking idea what you were using to make it.

This free printable planner is here to fix that. Download, print, and enjoy:

Printable craft project planner |  #crafts #DIY #printable #freebie


Craft project planner by Crafting Fingers

How to get the most out of the planner:

  • Concept: So, what is it? A cosy knit sweater? A show-stopping upcycled centrepiece? An heirloom baby blanket to treasure? What is the soul of this project?
  • Sketch It: Doodle like mad! If you’re a shy sketcher like me, don’t worry: no one else has to see or make sense of it.
  • Start Date/Deadline: If you’re making it for an occasion, birthday, or (way to go!) as a commission, write down the deadline.
  • Materials: What are you using to make it? Get specific about batch numbers and fabric names. It’ll save you a headache down the road!
  • Notes: Is it a new/original design? Take notes of what pattern/tutorial you’re following: what book, blog or magazine is it from? Did you change colour batch half way? Would you make the project differently next time?
  • To do list: Break the idea down and enjoy the satisfaction of ticking off those boxes! Remember to take a pic to remember what you’ve made, too.
  • Last but not least: Tape material labels and scraps to the back. Store in sheet protectors and you’ll have an archive of the materials you’ve used!

Printable craft project planner |  #crafts #DIY #printable #freebie

How do you keep track of your WIPs?

I admit sometimes I’ll find a half-finished project I don’t even remember starting! (Or maybe there’s just a phantom crafter living in this house.)

Happy dreaming, doodling, and making!

Lots of crafty love,


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