DIY Bohemian Easter Eggs (FREE Printable)

  • 4 min read

In two weeks, Easter will be upon us! The unwieldy grass and blooming wildflowers around our house give proof that spring is here.

To celebrate my love for spring, earthy pastels, and boho chic I’ve made this Easter egg printable that’s too good to keep to myself. I designed this printable with DIYs in mind. There are so many things you can do with a bit of paper, glue, and imagination. I’ve listed a few DIY ideas below, and I’d love to hear what you make!

Scroll down to download the PDF. Here’s what the sheet looks like once you’ve printed it out:

The hassle-free way to plan your next DIY (printable)

  • 3 min read

Printable craft project planner |  #crafts #DIY #printable #freebie

Who has two dozen WIPs and more to come?

Yeah. Guilty as charged.

The only catch about exploring new ideas and trying new techniques is that sometimes (if there’s no hard deadline) it’s easy for a project to just go on forever. Which isn’t always a bad thing. Some ideas are like wine and need to mature for a while before they can be best put to use. Totally cool!

Problem is when you get back to a project and have no freaking idea what you were using to make it.

This free printable planner is here to fix that. Download, print, and enjoy:

Printable craft project planner |  #crafts #DIY #printable #freebie


Mother Hen Paper Cut (Free Printable Silhouette)

  • 3 min read

Mother Hen Paper Cut (Free Printable Silhouette)

When I was little (so little I can barely remember) my mom designed and sold doll’s dresses. I liked playing with the fabric scraps in her stash as much as looking at the pretty things she actually made. There was always a room dedicated to crafting in our house.

My mother didn’t teach me to make; she showed me.

It’s Mothering Sunday in a couple of weeks. This little paper cut is a quick way to give thanks!

DIY storage jar to make your stash decorative

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Faux cross stitch storage jar | Crafting Fingers

Disclosure: Marabu Glass and Porcelain painters c/o Marabu

My yarn stash is slowly outgrowing the shelf I have it in. It’s time for a clear out. And every maker knows a ‘clear out’ starts off with good intentions and ends with piles of new projects. In the spirit of NOT actually clearing out when I needed to, I repurposed some of my lonelier yarn scraps into a crafty (and useful) decoration.

Moving things around in the same room counts for effort, right?

All I needed was something pretty to display my scraps in! This jar is the result. And I’m sharing my tips on using glass markers, one beginner helping another! Free heart printable included.