DIY Bohemian Easter Eggs (FREE Printable)

In two weeks, Easter will be upon us! The unwieldy grass and blooming wildflowers around our house give proof that spring is here.

To celebrate my love for spring, earthy pastels, and boho chic I’ve made this Easter egg printable that’s too good to keep to myself. I designed this printable with DIYs in mind. There are so many things you can do with a bit of paper, glue, and imagination. I’ve listed a few DIY ideas below, and I’d love to hear what you make!

Scroll down to download the PDF. Here’s what the sheet looks like once you’ve printed it out:

DOWNLOAD: Bohemian Easter Eggs printable freebie Crafting Fingers or click on the photo above.

You can print straight from your browser, but I (oh so humbly) suggest saving the PDF to your desktop. The little link at the bottom brings you straight back to this blog post, so if you want to print more you can use that link. Share it with friends, too!

5 7 Printable Easter Egg DIYs:

I recommend printing the sheet at 100%/Actual Size on paper either 100gsm or thicker. White or pale paper works best to show the earthy pastels.

  1. Print two copies of the sheet, cut, and glue matching pairs together. Use a needle to poke a hole and thread some floss through the top, and tie a loop. Fill a vase with twigs and hang your boho eggs, feathers, and little ribbons to make an Easter display.
  2. Using miniature clothes pins, pin the printed & cut out eggs to some thread or twine to make some Easter egg bunting. Paper eggs are so lightweight you can affix the bunting to the wall with just some tape!
  3. Have an extra sneaky indoor Easter egg hunt. Use washi tape to affix the eggs throughout the house on walls, behind objects, and even the ceiling. Hide eggs where no one would think to look, like in a book! This is a hunt you can enjoy no matter the weather.
  4. Cut out and glue eggs to your scrapbook pages to decorate your memories and photos.
  5. Arrange a set (odd numbers work best) on a sheet of paper that fits a frame you own, such as A4 or 8″ x 6″. Use glue or tape to keep in place. Frame and display for quick custom Easter decor – it’ll look even better if you write a little quote or saying around the eggs.
  6. Decorate your Easter cupcakes with mini eggs taped to toothpicks. Just cut out, tape and carefully stick into your cakes and bakes.
  7. Use the big eggs as gift tags for Easter bouquets and goodie bags. Write or stamp the name on the plain back, and thread some string through the top of the egg to tie onto your gift.

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What DIY ideas do you have for Easter?

Lots of crafty love,


P.S. If you didn’t already, click here to download the FREE Bohemian Easter Eggs printable.