DIY Bohemian Easter Eggs (FREE Printable)

  • 4 min read

In two weeks, Easter will be upon us! The unwieldy grass and blooming wildflowers around our house give proof that spring is here.

To celebrate my love for spring, earthy pastels, and boho chic I’ve made this Easter egg printable that’s too good to keep to myself. I designed this printable with DIYs in mind. There are so many things you can do with a bit of paper, glue, and imagination. I’ve listed a few DIY ideas below, and I’d love to hear what you make!

Scroll down to download the PDF. Here’s what the sheet looks like once you’ve printed it out:

Why I garden

  • 2 min read

Thoughtful Gardener enamel mugs; 'I garden therefore I am'

My biggest project in 2013 is to learn a new craft every month.

But that’s not my only project of the year.

Another one of my goals this year is to have a proper herb garden. When I made that goal I didn’t know when we were going to be moving into our new house, but luckily we moved mid-March. Just in time for the growing season!

With some unseasonably cold weather things aren’t moving as fast as my impatient green fingers want them to, but gardening is about patience. It’s a slow moment in the day to get messy fingers and nurture the earth. (Even if that earth is in tiny containers because that’s what you have room for. That still counts.)

Brace yourself, spring is coming!

  • 2 min read

Pussy willow branches; spring is coming!

My husband came home from a week away just in time to catch my cold. We holed up for the weekend, warm blankets and tea keeping us company.

We drove to the shop today, finally snivel-free and bright-eyed, and I spotted some daffodils growing by the side of the road. The tired grass here on our little peninsula in Chepstow is still browned with winter. The dark green daffodil plants were stark against the grass and easy to spot, even in a car going 40 MPH. I imagine they’ve grown rogue, having originated at some point or another from someone’s garden.

Daffodils: Winter is dead

It all reminded me of a poem I read once, about daffodils: