Why I garden

Thoughtful Gardener enamel mugs; 'I garden therefore I am'

My biggest project in 2013 is to learn a new craft every month.

But that’s not my only project of the year.

Another one of my goals this year is to have a proper herb garden. When I made that goal I didn’t know when we were going to be moving into our new house, but luckily we moved mid-March. Just in time for the growing season!

With some unseasonably cold weather things aren’t moving as fast as my impatient green fingers want them to, but gardening is about patience. It’s a slow moment in the day to get messy fingers and nurture the earth. (Even if that earth is in tiny containers because that’s what you have room for. That still counts.)

Curled leaf parsley

I garden because I can.

I garden because no matter what else goes on in the day, Earth moves forward into a warmer season and things have to get done whether you have time or not. It gets me out in the garden even when I’m tired and can’t be bothered.

In a way it feels like my garden needs me. Those tomato seedlings and sweet peas are happy to grow on their own, but I can turn their growth into something more symbiotic for the two of us. It just takes some time. The time will pass anyway, like Earl Nightingale said, so we might as well make use of it!

Today I’m enjoying the sunshine and smiling at my newborn seedlings. Life is good.

All the best,


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