Let’s talk about Crafty Magazine


I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a teensy tiny bit addicted to magazines. But that’s a story for another day. My point is that when a new magazine comes along, it gets me excited.

In March, Crafty Magazine made its debut with Issue 01, and what can I say? I am in love.


First Impressions

The second you pick up Crafty mag it just feels different. Its matte cover stands out on the magazine rack and the unglossed pages throw you straight into the magazine’s gritty, edgy appeal.

The typography of the magazine is simple, which I love. The beautiful photos in the magazine are left to speak for themselves, without titles and distracting quotes on top.


Crafty mag goes past DIYs and pretty makes and plunges deep into the crafting community. Don’t get me wrong, the tutorials are fantastic, but it puts a satisfying amount of focus on the people and events behind the scenes. I first heard about the magazine through Laura Clempson, the wonderful lady behind Cupcakes for Clara. She’s got a 5 page interview in the first issue! Even more of Laura’s interview is on Crafty mag’s blog.


Throughout the magazine, Daren Newman‘s grungy, speckled illustrations pop out and add to Crafty’s edge. Above, Sarah Corbett (illustrated) introduces her Craftivist column. It’s going to be a regular in Crafty. See what I mean about edgy? (If you don’t believe me, they have a cool article about graffiti and templates to make your own David Bowie, too.)

All in all, Crafty is a satisfying read. It’s just shy of 100 pages but packs a punch bigger than its A4 size. The interviews are sharp and honest, the giveaways are trendy, and there are so many sites and books mentioned that I’m sure anyone can find something that perks their interest enough to type in that URL or look up that title.

It’s a craft magazine that makes you stop and think. Crafty mag makes you feel like you’re part of a movement, not just a hobby. It’s a good feeling.


Issue 02 is out April 25th. I can’t wait for it to pop through the mail slot!

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Have you read Crafty mag? What do you think?
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