Annie Sloan Wall Paint Review (+ Beginner Friendly Wall Painting Guide)

  • 9 min read

Annie Sloan Wall Paint and Wall Paint Brush review

The second best part about staying at my parents in Finland is their house. (The best best part is, obviously, spending time with family.)

Mom and Dad’s house is HUGE. As in, the place is massive. As in, you can lose someone in it and so we regularly use our smartphones to find each other. As in, there’s always a cool project to dig your teeth into. (Skolbacka used to be a schoolhouse, how cool is that?)

Because I move a lot and rent I’ve never bothered painting walls. So at Mom and Dad’s I jumped on the opportunity to try wall painting.

That’s right. This is the first time I’ve ever painted a wall and it’s the first time I’ve ever used Annie Sloan Wall Paint. Let the experiment commence!

The Ultimate Guide to Crochet Basics (with VIDEO)

  • 14 min read

Warning: this post is a massive rabbit hole into the world of crochet. It’s 2400+ words. You can cheat and watch the 5 minute tutorial video to get the good stuff fast. I can’t take responsibility for any addictions that may arise. This tutorial assumes you know NOTHING about crochet, and goes through all the tiny details that confused me when I started out.

Already know how to crochet? Advanced tutorials are coming next! Subscribe to the Crafting Fingers YouTube channel to get the latest free tutorials. For now, share this post with a friend and you’ll have the perfect excuse to dig through your yarn stash. I’d love to hear what your first crochet ever was! @craftingfingers

DIY Bohemian Easter Eggs (FREE Printable)

  • 4 min read

In two weeks, Easter will be upon us! The unwieldy grass and blooming wildflowers around our house give proof that spring is here.

To celebrate my love for spring, earthy pastels, and boho chic I’ve made this Easter egg printable that’s too good to keep to myself. I designed this printable with DIYs in mind. There are so many things you can do with a bit of paper, glue, and imagination. I’ve listed a few DIY ideas below, and I’d love to hear what you make!

Scroll down to download the PDF. Here’s what the sheet looks like once you’ve printed it out:

DIY Felted Mushrooms

  • 2 min read

Anna-Simmonds-Felted Mushrooms-14

I love how felted fungi look. Mushrooms are a wonderful, whimsical piece of décor that can look as cultured or as fantastical as you like. Whether gourmet chantarelles or little Smurf houses, mushrooms look lovely all year round. All they need is a bit of styling for a seasonal look. (Although a certain Italian plumber definitely thinks mushrooms are in fashion ALL year.)

For a whimsical, earthy, and delicious fungi-friendly look I used needle felt to make this DIY mushroom display. I’ve shared the full tutorial over on Minerva Crafts:

Read the full DIY Felted Mushrooms tutorial on Minerva Crafts >

Anna-Simmonds-Felted Mushrooms-2

To make your own mushroom display you’ll need:

  • Natural wool roving in grey, brown, white, and other suitable woodland shades (the Assorted Browns felt pack is perfect)
  • Felting needle(s)
  • Felting mat
  • Scissors
  • Optional: stiff floral wire & wire cutters

Modern Shelf Makeover with Rust-Oleum

  • 5 min read

Rust Oleum Furniture Paint shelf makeover

In collaboration with Rust-Oleum

Our front room has had a rethink. I’d call it a makeover, but mostly it’s just been a lot of rearranging furniture.

I did need a new shelf. So when I was offered the chance to try some new shades of Rust-Oleum’s chalky finish Furniture Paint I just had to take up the offer. A bit of interior DIY was just what the room needed!

Here’s how I used Rust-Oleum Furniture Paint to make a scratched old shelf look modern again.

Rust Oleum Furniture Paint shelf makeover

DIY Constellation Coasters

  • 4 min read

DIY constellation coasters tutorial

When I was a kid I totally and 100% believed in astrology.

That might not be true now, but that love has been transferred to astronomy instead. I love watching the stars and hearing about the latest discoveries in space.

I’ll be honest; this project was supposed to get finished weeks ago. My three weeks away in Finland were so hectic I didn’t even get the chance to watch the Perseid shower, let alone make coasters in honour of it. C’est la vie.

Here’s a star-loving project for my fellow astronomy lovers. Fabric is courtesy of Zazzle.