3 Finger Crochet Projects

Finger crochet projects to get started

Got a bunch of yarn and no hook?

Finger crochet is as literal as it sounds. Instead of a hook, all you use to manipulate the yarn is your fingers. That means XXL projects can be extra quick and extra chunky. These three free patterns will help even beginner crocheters get started.

Happy stash-busting!

1. One Skein Cowl

Crocheting with your fingers can feel a bit strange. I like to use my dominant index finger as if it’s the hook. Grab a chunky, flashy yarn (or double/triple/quadruple thinner yarns) and practise finger chains to make a one skein cowl.

Or, use the same technique to finger crochet friendship bracelets!

2. Roving Rug

Wool roving makes a cosy rug, and it’s such a silky material to work with. As a cheaper alternative, make a smaller spiral to use for a DIY throw pillow or seat cushion.

Note: The above pattern & video uses American crochet terms. “Single crochet” is a UK double crochet. 

Finger crochet projects to get started

3. 5 1/2 Hour Blanket

Truth is, any pattern using a 15mm or larger hook will work well with finger crochet. Lion Brand’s free blanket pattern is just one of many large hook patterns you can find on Ravelry. Rugs, throws, and comfy cover ups all work well with large hooks. So why not fingers, too?

Finger crochet projects to get started

My first finger crochet project was a simple granny square. I used two strands of worsted weight yarn and got the results above. Finger crochet is so tactile; I love the control over the yarn when there’s no hook involved.

What new techniques have you tried lately?

Lots of crafty love,


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