Reviewed: Millie Marotta’s Home Sticker Book

Reviewed: Millie Marotta's Home Sticker Book

When I was a kid I didn’t understand why covering a wall with stickers was a bad thing. Stickers had the magical ability to defy gravity, and I used them like graffiti to make my mark on the world. My parents were less than impressed.

Millie Marotta’s illustrations bring to mind childhood pastimes like chasing dragonflies and doodling on school papers. Millie’s attention to detail and intricate patterns in her work brings that naïveté into adulthood. In Millie Marotta’s Home Sticker Book, a selection of her designs are presented throughout 75 wall stickers.

Millie’s designs are beautiful, and as décor can be as sophisticated or as casual as you like.

Reviewed: Millie Marotta's Home Sticker Book

The diversity of flora and fauna throughout makes me think Millie Marotta’s Home Sticker Book should have something for anyone. The stickers themselves vary in size, from 2″ by 1″ to as large as the book’s 9.75″ by 9.75″ square format allows.

The introduction is short. A warm welcoming letter from Millie is followed by a bit of history and usage instructions, and that’s it. This book isn’t about literature so much as it is a clever, affordable approach to home decor. Still, I would have liked the individual stickers to have at least been named or numbered to make keeping track of them—and sharing ideas on social media—easier.

I recommend using blunt tweezers to remove the stickers from the pages. Pinching the paper is clumsy, and I accidentally tore through a layer of pulp!

Reviewed: Millie Marotta's Home Sticker Book

The trick to making the stickers blend in as much as possible is to use a smooth and light surface. I tested emulsion and silk walls and sealed wood. I’m happy to say Millie’s designs stick to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint too, as seen above.

Everything considered, Millie’s intricate illustrations—diverse enough in shape and size for walls, furniture, tile, and even appliances—make the price of this book a bargain. If you’re looking for a quick, individual approach to decor then I recommend Millie Marotta’s Home Sticker Book.

Reviewed: Millie Marotta's Home Sticker Book

I love the way Millie’s illustrations bring our entry hall to life.

Disclosure: I was given a copy of Millie Marotta’s Home Sticker Book to review by Batsford.

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