Sewing with Craft Club Box

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Above: The results of my first Craft Club Box

Sewing is my big craft focus this year. So when Courtney of Craft Club Box offered me a trial of her craft box subscription, I couldn’t resist. Each box has a surprise pack of beautiful materials, instructions for a project, and a complementary eMagazine with hundreds of curated projects for inspiration.

Neatly packed, April’s kit is a wonderful bundle of spring colours and useful materials, including the main star of the show: the triangle zipper pouch kit with step-by-step instructions. I really enjoyed this project, but more on that below!

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For a total of £10 per box and £3 p&p, I think the box is a bargain. As well as kit materials and instructions, there’s a few bits to add to your craft stash for other projects. April’s box contains:

The Kit Contains:
* Art gallery fabric for patchwork x 3 roughly 5×14 each”
* Lining fabric roughly 8×14”
* 8” Light blue zip
*Mint Green Flat Faux Suede Cord roughly 28”
* Vilene quiltex iron on wadding roughly 7×14”
The Bundle Contains:
* Wool blend felt in mint 5×5”
* Wool blend felt in rose 5×5”
* Wool blend felt in beige 5×5”
* Fat quarter Cotton lawn in mint
* Mint shank buttons x3
* Edged crochet trim in light blue or pink or white x 1y
* Metal dog hook
* Embroidery thread in mint
* Embroidery thread in coral

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And every month, Courtney sends subscribers a helpful emag. As well as including a peek of the box contents, the Craft Club Box emag includes a wealth of more crafting inspiration and helpful tips for the month’s sewing kit.

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All the materials were well cut, and carefully selected for their design. These patterns and colours all work fantastically together.

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When I first opened the box, I have to admit the kit itself (the triangle pouch!) kept me on my toes. Before this kit, I had never ever sewn a zip before. Eek!

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As per Courtney’s instructions, I started the pouch with the easy bit: the patchwork. Measuring is 90% of the work when it comes to rectangular bits of fabric. With my trusty crochet pincushion, this was a good confidence builder before (dramatic pause) The Zip.

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After sewing the patchwork, the wadding was top-stitched. Another easy bit I wasn’t fussed about. But then….

craftclubbox subscription review Crafting Fingers-10

The zip! After reading my Singer’s instructions on how to change the presser foot (another thing “to learn” ticked off my list) and following Courtney’s step-by-step instructions, the zipper wasn’t tricky at all. Maybe it’s just beginner’s luck. Although I didn’t get it perfect (you might notice my top-stitch isn’t quite even) I’m so pleased with the result. Zipper fear is a thing of the past!

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In fact, zippers are going to be another thing to add to my stash. Now that I can sew a zip without fear of complete failure, there are so many things I can make. ALL the zippers in ALL the sizes and colours, please.

craftclubbox subscription review Crafting Fingers-12

The final seam was the moment of truth. Would the zipper line up? Was the handle length I picked good enough?

craftclubbox subscription review Crafting Fingers-3

Voila! Cue me satisfied. The triangle pouch is complete, and there’s still plenty of bits left over for the stash (including some fabric scraps). £13 including P&P for a wealth of inspiration, a kit with instructions, a pleasant afternoon of sewing, learning a few new skills, and having bits left over for my stash – oh yes, it’s a bargain all right.

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Thank you Courtney for sharing this kit. If you would like to get in on the fun crafty action, you can subscribe at the Craft Club Box website. Courtney offers a NO RISK trial – if you aren’t happy with your first box, you can get a full refund!

Have you tried a subscription box? What did you think? I love getting a surprise in the post. Another subscription I love is Happy Paper Club from the green gables. I’m a sucker for stationery!

Lots of crafty love,


Disclosure: I was sent April’s kit for free in exchange for a review. Opinions are my own.