Unexpected Journeys

  • 2 min read

Tiny miniature granny squares

January is coming to a close. The first craft of the year has been pounced upon and conquered as much as I could do with a month’s time to spend on it.

Crochet has tested me, but it has rewarded me as well. I have found joy in the feel of silk and cotton yarns slipping through my fingers to create something I would not have been able to do even a month before. With each stitch I get more confident, and find ideas for crochet projects wherever I look. There’s a freedom to the form of crochet that knitting can’t compare to. (Although I love knitting just as much, all the same.)

As I’ve jumped into this project there have been some unexpected discoveries along the way.

  1. People share their handmade skills in abundance.

5 reasons to learn a new craft in 2013

  • 3 min read


Like I said in my introductory post, 2013 is going to be a crafty, hands-on sort of year for me. Each month I’m going to tackle a new craft form, learn the basics, and start a new project. This month I’m learning crochet!

But why? What’s the point?

It’ll be fun, of course, and a little bit frustrating. But what I really want to achieve here is growth. If you’re up to trying a new craft, you can grow, too.

You can combine crafts into something new.

There’s only so much you can sew, embroider, knit, crochet, carve, mold, what have you. But what happens when you combine two of more of those techniques?