learning embroidery

Gathering stitching inspiration

  • 2 min read

Embroidery sketches

Some sketches playing around with the stitches I’ve learnt so far

After getting a couple weeks of experience in embroidery, I think it’s time to share some of the things that have been inspiring me along the way:

For magazine lovers, the gorgeous CrossStitcher mag + blog
I love Bo’s work, from lazydoll, esp. this bunny girl coin purse 
The Sublime Stitching blog – ‘this ain’t your gramma’s embroidery’ ;)

February’s Craft Announcement!

  • 2 min read

Ooh, I’m excited! February’s craft of the month is the beautiful, varied, and well-established craft of embroidery!

(If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen me mention it earlier this month.)

Embroidery didn’t catch my eye until I worked as a photographer for my grandmother’s business (website in Finnish). She sells printed linens and cloths for DIY embroidery, amongst other wonderfully crafty things, and wanted to set up a website. Spending so much time with the embroidered linens helped me appreciate their elegance and the beauty of hand-embroidered pieces.

Now, I look for vintage embroidery in second-hand shops and love the often bright and geometrical styles of contemporary embroidery.

So here’s the confession: other than half-finished kits I’ve never done embroidery. It’s on my long list of ‘loved but never tried’ crafts, much like crochet was. So in the spirit of my craft-a-month project, here goes!

What to expect this month: