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5 Lessons Learnt from Crafting

  • 3 min read


Making isn’t always straightforward. A lot of my projects (especially the ones I design from scratch!) are bumbled through. It’s a journey, not a process. There’s always more to learn, even if some things are easy to pick up: take it slow, measure twice, and check colours in daylight!

Here are some of the other lessons I’ve learnt from crafting.

1. Handmade doesn’t always = better.

Handmade doesn’t mean it’s ethical, well made, eco-friendly, or local. And crafting isn’t cheap. Or easy. And it’s NEVER done in five minutes. (And, technically, handmade can be just as systemised as machine production.)

That’s why beautiful, ethically produced, and quality handmade design is so worth investing in. Even better if the materials are eco-friendly and the designer is local.

All the more reason to make something yourself!

2. There’s more than one way to be rich.

There is only one universal currency: time. Crafters need a lot of it. It doesn’t matter what the materials are or what the craft is, you need time. Time to learn, time to design, time to make.

To craft, you need to be rich in time. Not money. (Although the latter does help when you binge-buy fabric!) Let yourself take it slow.