5 Online Sewing Shops

5 online sewing shops in the UK | craftingfingers.co.uk #sewing #haberdashery

Shopping time!

With three sewing projects on the go I had to restock my stash before I could finish project #1a cover for my 2015 diary. I love local independent shops, but midnight inspiration means midnight shopping. Cue online shops that never close!

These five sewing shops (UK based) are firm favourites. They’re all sat on my bookmarks bar for easy access. Let me know if you have any favourites not on this list!

1. The Homemakery

5 online sewing shops (UK)

Kate launched her online craft boutique in late 2013. The number of fabrics she sells just keeps growing, with the latest designs from Tilda, Dashwood Studios, and other sewing favourites! Her other crafty supplies are just as scrumptious, too. (I love her baker’s twine!)

2. Fabric Rehab

5 online sewing shops (UK)

There’s a huge selection of funky and retro prints on Fabric Rehab, and lots of Japanese fabrics that can be hard to find in the UK. I love the ever-changing selection of FQ bundles! And the sale is always tempting, too.

3. Fabric HQ

5 online sewing shops (UK)

A shop based in Buckinghamshire, Fabric HQ’s website has a delicious selection of designer fabrics. If you’re local, there are a bunch of in-person sewing courses you can take, too!

4. Minerva Crafts

5 online sewing shops (UK)

Another eclectic craft shop, Minerva’s Crafts has a great sewing section. Of this list this shop has the biggest patterns selection. There’s a little bit of this and that for just about anything! Plus, you only need to spend £20 to get free UK shipping.

5. Doughty’s 

5 online sewing shops (UK)

With three shops based in Hereford, Doughty’s online shop is a fabric lovers dream. Their range is enormous and everything’s affordable. Unlike many other sewing shops, their prices are by the metre. (Not by the FQ!)


There are plenty of sources of fabric locally, too! And it’s not just your local craft shop:

  • Keep an eye out in charity shops for easy-to-repurpose pieces of clothing and house linens.
  • Ask friends if they have spare patterns or fabric they’re willing to give away–or swap.
  • Take a critical look at your own closet. Sentimental pieces too precious to donate are perfect for sewing projects.

Next week I’ll share how to sew your own planner cover!

What have you been making?

Lots of crafty love,