Adventures in Stamping


Sometimes when I mention my ‘craft a month’ project, the response isn’t the usual, ‘Wow, that sounds pretty cool. What are you learning now?’

A couple times the response has been confused.

‘Haven’t you found a craft you like yet? What’s the point?’

Or sometimes someone feels insulted. ‘I’ve been working in _____ for years and I’m still learning.’

That’s the beauty of crafting. No matter how much you practise your craft, there’s always something new. Every month as I tackle a new skill, I’m not saying I’m going to master it within a month. I want to understand the craft. I want to fall in love with it and come away appreciating the craft and the skill it takes to make a quality piece of work.

Hopefully, as I share my adventures and new skills with you here on the blog, some of you will appreciate that craft just a little more, too. And even try it, too!

So yes, I’ve found a craft I like. All of them. For their own beauty. So far, anyway; ask me again at end of the year. ;)


A sneaky peek of my rain cloud stamping design

Stamp making and stamping has been a lot of fun. I really love the look of acrylic paint when it’s stamped. Biggest lesson learnt so far: cork bits hurt when they get in your eyes. Wear goggles.

After experimenting with cork, I’m ready to move onto carving rubber stamps. I’ll let you know how it goes. Until then, check out this DIY roundup to make your own stamps!

With lots of crafty love,

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