Get inspired to needle felt!

Needle felted pumpkins by CloudBerryCrafts on Etsy

Were pumpkins a good choice?

I know September hasn’t even started yet, but I’m eager for autumn! It’s my favourite season of the year. Summer is beautifully lush, but busy. I find autumn so calm and rejuvenating. And maybe I’m just a little bit biased; my birthday is in November.

And my goodness, I can never get enough of autumn’s colour palette!

Today, I’m sharing some of the most inspirational needle felting links I’ve found across the web. These beautiful needle felted pumpkins are made by Mia, the seller behind CloudBerryCrafts on Etsy. Her creations are whimsical and wonderful, and too inspiring not to share! (Click the images to see each respective listing.)

Needle felted rainbow gnomes set by CloudBerryCrafts on Etsy

Needle felting feels like an art form more than a craft. It’s like sculpting with wool, even more so than crochet or knitting could ever be. You have complete creative freedom; this can be really fun, and it also means it can be a complete nightmare if you try to rush. It’s best to be patient with it. ;)

Mia says she started needle felting after dabbling with lots of different crafts, and it was the one for her after years of dabbling with different crafts. I think her passion shows in the results!

Needle felted nativity set by CloudBerryCrafts on Etsy

You can find Mia and CloudBerryCrafts on Facebook.

More needle felting inspiration!

I’ve had the flu this past week, so I’m still catching up on needle felting posts to share! Look out for a tutorial in the next couple days before September’s craft announcement. ;) Hint: it’s a bit smoky and rustic, and it’s perfect for autumn!

Which season do you love the most?


Photos courtesy of CloudBerryCrafts.