Moving and other March adventures

Learning calligraphy

Our moving date of March 14th approaches more quickly by the minute. After being on the brink of moving for a year, it’s a relief that can’t come too soon.

But the reality of packing and cleaning and running about is that crafting gets put to the side.

So what’s a crafter addicted to learning new skills got left to do?

My answer: calligraphy. All you need is a pen and some paper and you’re good to go! … Although my abysmal handwriting might have something to do with my choice. (Shh.)

And while calligraphy is a traditional pen-and-paper art form, don’t think you won’t see some free font round-ups. Because you will. I’m too tech-oriented to neglect the digital side of things!

Keep an eye out for resources, links, and other yummy goodies this month. Until then, treat yourself to a look at the yummy calligraphy goods on Etsy.

All the best,

Disclaimer: header photograph credit Kriss Szkurlatowski