No, *YOU* are Amazing


I can’t think of one person I know who hasn’t learned something incredibly useful from an older person in their life, whether that person may be a relative or a stranger. Our lives, all of them, are built upon the choices and knowledge of the people that came before us.

Which is why The Amazings project in London is so fantastic. The premise of the company is simple; it offers variety of courses offered by amazing people over the age of 50. But it’s so much better than that. The Amazings wants to offer courses from real people with real experiences.

We see Amazingness everywhere. It’s the retired postman who can play the ukulele. It’s the grandparent who knows morse code. It’s the neighbour who was an opera singer. Maybe society isn’t as good at passing down these skills through generations as we used to be. Our little company started because we wanted to fix this.
more about The Amazings project here

Goodies I was lucky enough to win in a Facebook Competition

 Isn’t it fantastic to think how many years of experience and talent have gone into producing a simple assortment of items? There’s a story, an amazing story, behind each and every one of the items sat there on my dining table.

Let me be clear: this isn’t a sponsored post. With an astonishing 40% of girls born this year expected to live to be 100, I just think now’s better than ever to bring back our appreciation for our older generations.

Who’s with me?

Long live the Amazings!

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