Settling In ~

Settling in

Moving always has its ups and downs, but our move last week went so smoothly I’m still tense waiting for something to go wrong. Nothing broke, nothing got lost, and even the washing machine fit into our (beautiful!) new kitchen just fine. It’s funny how small a space can look when it’s empty.

The kitchen was the first room to get unpacked and I can’t wait to fill the windowsill with herbs and flowers.

Upstairs we’ve got lovely views of mountain peaks around Crickhowell. My new crafting room has a window down to see our garden, whose prominent feature is a large buddleia tree. I have no idea what colours the flowers will be so that’ll be something to look forward to. In a couple weeks I’ll be sowing and working in the garden in earnest.

How have we been so lucky to move to such a beautiful, creative area? I’m still waiting for that something to go wrong, but it doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it. ;)

Back soon with crafting adventures ~