Sneaking Glimpses

Behind the scenes | Crafting Fingers

(A quick peek behind the scenes.)

OK. I’ve been busy.

My crafty WIPs have been piling up, and I have to admit my blog post drafts are hitting two dozen! (I can’t even count how many doodles and notes I have lying around of even more post ideas, too.) But next week, I have something extra special to share with you all! I can’t wait! ;)

I’ve sneaked in some crafting here and there, but my WIPs include a needle felted garland, a set of pyrography coasters, and completing October’s project. For shame, lady. Get that craft on!

I haven’t even announced October’s craft properly! October has flown by, but if you’ve been paying attention on Twitter you might already know that October’s craft is candle making.

Knitted mug cosy | Crafting Fingers

Tutorials are in the works, though, and I’ve blocked out some ‘me’ time in my craft room. There’s something about autumn that’s so cosy and inspiring it makes me want to stay indoors with the radio on and needles clicking! There’s a storm warning for Monday, so maybe it’ll give me the time to tackle my pile. The best part about exploring new crafts has been sharing the skills on this blog. The more makers, the merrier!

And speaking of, who has been crafting for their gift list? (Eek. Where. is. the. time. going.)

In other crafty news, I have a lovely new toy to play with:

Cricut Mini | Crafting Fingers

I never thought I’d love one of these tools so much, but the busier you get the more you appreciate an assistant!

To be honest, this post is a breath of relief. It’s nice to sneak in some time to say hello and think of all the lovely projects that are just waiting to be finished. Who else has an overflowing WIP pile? I’d love to know what you’ve been working on.

This beautiful mason jar candle tutorial is what has been capturing my own crafty attention lately. I’ll share the results soon!

(If you’re being affected by the storm warning too, keep cosy!)



P.S. Three notes to my blogging self:
1. Take out the camera a bit more. Photos of what you’ve been doing ANYWAY make it easy to blog about your crafting adventures. You can’t recreate those handmade moments every time!
2. Not every post has to be a tutorial. You can craft without trying to make a tutorial, too. Stop being silly. Make!
3. New mantra: Remember bloggers only have stuff to blog about if they do things other than blog. (This is just one fantastic reminder from Anna Burnell.)