21 things to be grateful for

Being Thankful

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Happy Thanksgiving - 21 things to be grateful for this week

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. This is a holiday close to my heart!

(My years in America might make me a bit biased, though, especially because my birthday often fell close enough to Thanksgiving that I got my birthday off school. How awesome is that! It did make epic birthday parties hard to organise.)

The truth is that whatever the reasons behind the tradition, everyone everywhere has something to be grateful for. When we’re all rushing to make plans for the upcoming holidays, it’s nice to sit down and remember to just enjoy what we already have. No matter how long or expensive our crafts wishlist is. *cough*

This week I postponed my 21 things from Monday until today. Thanksgiving felt right to share these 21 things I’ve been making, reading, and been grateful for this past week.