DIY Woodland Notepad Cover

  • 6 min read

DIY felt notepad cover | sewing, needle felting

In collaboration with Fiskars

Organising stationery is a guilty pleasure of mine.

I use a lot of A6 notepads and notebooks. It’s the perfect size for a day’s to-do list or a project sketch. I even like lugging one around in my handbag, which isn’t very notepad friendly. A DIY cover was overdue. This felt sleeve was my solution to bring stationery on the go.

And, to be honest, it just looks nice on my desk too! This tutorial can be used to make a felt sleeve of any size. If you’re not as obsessed with notebooks as I am you can make a gadget cover.

15 Autumn Decor DIYs

  • 2 min read

15 autumn DIYs #interiors #homedecor #DIY

It’s the craftiest time of year.

Autumn is always over too quickly in my experience, so I love to make the most of it. Cold nights and warm days have turned the trees in our neighbourhood a fiery range of colours. There’s still time to enjoy the season indoors, too.

These 15 DIY projects mimic the earthy tones, harvest bounty, and cosy comfort of autumn.

Life Lately

  • 3 min read


You have to keep your workspace well-ventilated when you’re working with a pyrography pen.

In practice that means I’m enjoying autumn air and a gentle smoky scent whenever I practise my doodles. I’m still getting used to handling the tool and understanding pressure, movement, and the heat involved. I did some soldering in a workshop in school years ago; I was never any good at it!

But the pure pleasure of pyrography means even when the results aren’t perfect I’m enjoying the whole process.

(Plus, I quickly learnt the wood squares I bought are a bit too soft for my pen’s temperature. That means they burn REALLY easily. Oops.)


Other sensual scents I’ve been enjoying recently are these two Yankee Candles. I haven’t even opened them yet but they’re so strong my office smells wonderful. (The little crown stamp is by East of India and was a cheeky treat for myself. Shh!)

Did I mention I freaking love autumn?