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Knit Now + Why I learned crochet

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"Why I learned crochet" on Crafting Fingers

Knit Now Issue 22 is on shelves right now.

If you take a careful look in its free crochet special, you’ll find Crafting Fingers!

Like it says in Knit Now, I’ve been knitting since I was eight. When I first started my challenge to learn a new craft every month, I knew crochet would have to be the first craft. In fact, at first my idea was to concentrate on just crochet for a whole year. I baulked at the idea, though, because there are so many other crafts I want to learn! So Crafting Fingers was born.

But crochet was still important and it had to be the first craft. I started with it for many reasons, but the biggest was because I had said, over and over, I never would (or never could) learn crochet. It looked complicated. I didn’t like some of the patterns I saw. I thought holding the yarn and the hook was really awkward. (So were knitting needles when I first started, but hey!)

Then I fell in love with vintage crochet doilies. I watched my mother crochet a baby blanket (with granny squares!) for her first grandchild. I discovered crochet home-wares and wanted my own textile bowls and coasters and lacy curtains.

Crafting Fingers in Knit Now magazine

I realised that [highlight bg=”#d3854b” color=”#ffffff”] if I’m supposed to be such a staunch supporter of others learning to craft,[/highlight] how could I not learn to crochet? If I wanted to support other beginners, I needed to remember what it felt like to be one again.