Knit Now + Why I learned crochet

"Why I learned crochet" on Crafting Fingers

Knit Now Issue 22 is on shelves right now.

If you take a careful look in its free crochet special, you’ll find Crafting Fingers!

Like it says in Knit Now, I’ve been knitting since I was eight. When I first started my challenge to learn a new craft every month, I knew crochet would have to be the first craft. In fact, at first my idea was to concentrate on just crochet for a whole year. I baulked at the idea, though, because there are so many other crafts I want to learn! So Crafting Fingers was born.

But crochet was still important and it had to be the first craft. I started with it for many reasons, but the biggest was because I had said, over and over, I never would (or never could) learn crochet. It looked complicated. I didn’t like some of the patterns I saw. I thought holding the yarn and the hook was really awkward. (So were knitting needles when I first started, but hey!)

Then I fell in love with vintage crochet doilies. I watched my mother crochet a baby blanket (with granny squares!) for her first grandchild. I discovered crochet home-wares and wanted my own textile bowls and coasters and lacy curtains.

Crafting Fingers in Knit Now magazine

I realised that [highlight bg=”#d3854b” color=”#ffffff”] if I’m supposed to be such a staunch supporter of others learning to craft,[/highlight] how could I not learn to crochet? If I wanted to support other beginners, I needed to remember what it felt like to be one again.

Every month, I’m a beginner. I pick up a new craft, break through the years of assumptions I’ve had about it, and jump into a world of new techniques and designs with new eyes. It’s energising and exhausting all at once.

Next week, I’ll be halfway through my goal to learn a new craft every month.

This year has been flying by, and the support I’ve gotten and the conversations I’ve had have been nothing short of amazing. Thank you.

There is such warmth and generosity in the crafting community, especially for newcomers. I can’t imagine a field where learning a skill would be easier or more supported.

So if you want to learn crochet, do it.

The support is out there.

Happy crafting,


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