Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Cass Art. I was sent these products to review.

Watercolours have long been something I’ve admired, without trying myself.

I loved them in school. Adding the colour to water is almost half the fun. Watching it swirl around never gets old!

In a throwback to the origin of this blog, I’ve decided to dedicate the month of August to learning a new technique. In between work and chores and way too much time by the computer, a creative outlet seems like just the right way to have a little bit of me time. And Cass Art’s watercolour selection is massive. They have everything from single colours to pens to professional sets.

So armed with some (hopefully) Insta worthy brush pens and Cass Art’s Aspiring Watercolour Starter Set, I’ve started a journey into a new technique. read more

This post was made in collaboration with Emmaus UK

Every crafter loves a good challenge. When I was challenged to make some Christmas decor in support of the charity Emmaus, I couldn’t refuse. Who doesn’t love a good bit of craft in support of a good cause?

Hunting for treasures and imagining them in a new form is so much fun. It adds an all new spin to shopping and makes it all the more satisfying. At least in my books.

At the Emmaus superstore in Leeds, I picked up this old spurtle (a Scottish tool for stirring porridge and soups) for 30p. Using a small amount of affordable materials this tree topper angel came to life. Here’s how to make your own!
read more

Every week is Stationery Week in my book.

With an overflowing to do list and too many scattered thoughts to count, putting pen to paper is a lifesaver for me. There’s nothing better than some crispy fresh paper and smooth ink to get my creative juices flowing. Mmmmmhmmmm.

To celebrate stationery, social media, and my teeny-tiny obsession with boho themes, I’ve made this fresh and chic set of weekly planner printables. For free, for you, right now!  read more