100 Days to Bust My Stash

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#100daysofCFstash #The100DayProject#100daysofCFstash #The100DayProject

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know about #The100DayProject challenge.

The challenge is pretty straightforward. For 100 days, you’re challenged to make something every day. (Until July 14th!) Check out the 100 Day Project’s website to learn more.

love creative challenges. In 2013, I learned a new craft every month for the entire year. Now I have 100 days to practise those techniques and bust my overflowing craft stash. (Yes, when I moved house I did bring my yarn and fabric scraps with me, thank you very much.)

Every day on Instagram I’ve been posting my daily stash-busting make. If you’re not on Instagram, I’ll be posting updates here on the blog once a month to round up.

Three days into this challenge I’m loving it. If you want an excuse to take 15 minutes just for you and work on something you love, join in #The100DayProject.

What could you make in 100 days?

#100daysofCFstash #The100DayProject

Follow me on Instagram @craftingfingers to see my updates!

Lots of crafty love,

Learn more about #The100DayProject

#The100DayChallenge What could you make in 100 days?

4 thoughts on “100 Days to Bust My Stash”

  1. What a great challenge however it would overwhelm me. On the other side I might get into the flow and do more even after work… Mhm will follow your Instagram and see if i find inspiration to come along.
    Have a great weekend, Tobia

    1. Thanks for following along Tobia! #The100DayProject can be whatever you want it to be: even as simple as a photo a day. For my #100DaysofCFstash I’m trying to keep it small. Day 1 was a couple granny squares (30min of making as I’m a slow crocheter), day 2 was a few origami cranes (15min).

      The idea is that even just 15-30min a day will build a making habit and help practise different techniques. I hope to keep it up after the challenge is over

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