5 crafting blogs you need to follow

Crafters are the coolest

I might be biased, but craftsy people are interesting types. If I’ve learnt anything these three months learning new crafts, it’s that crafty people always have a fascinating story to tell. So naturally, crafters have some pretty cool blogs! Here are five you need to follow:

Teenage Granny

On her About page, Scarlett (a.k.a. the teen granny) says she’s 17 and lives in London. Not so out of the norm, then. But then you realise she spends her days knitting, baking, and doing other ‘granny’ pass-times; all of which she blogs about. Oh, and she’s one of the new back page contributors for Mollie Makes and will be in Issue 26 in April. Scarlett is definitely one to follow!

Oh My! Handmade Goodness

Meant for creative entrepreneurs, Oh My! is especially suited for crafters. And even if you don’t sell your handmade efforts, it’s a good blog to read if you’ve thought about selling or just want a better understanding of what the creative biz world is like.

Finch Five

I’ve only just discovered this blog but I love it! Finch Five is by Cheshire-based designer Lesley Todd. Her blog is full of big yummy photos of her adventures and some examples of her own beautiful, pattern-loving work.

Ailie Williams

Another teen crafter, Ailie loves vintage, fashion and baking. On top of her own pretty bakes and her vintage-loving fashion posts, she’s interviewed craftsy people like Miranda Gore Browne. It’ll be fun to keep an eye on her work as it grows!

Harriet Gray

Harriet is lovely and funny and best of all, she draws cats. She just hit 1000 sales on Etsy, which is a feat in itself. Follow her blog for occasional giveaways, to see her WIPs, and to generally get a peek into the life of someone who’s cool enough to make these.


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Who are your favourite craftsy bloggers?

I’m always looking for new ones to follow, so link me below!