10 signs you’re a crafter

  • 2 min read

1. When you don’t craft for a while your fingers itch to make something.


2. You know exactly where everything is in your local craft shop.

3. Your table surfaces never stay clear for long. Crafting takes space!

4.  Lunch gets forgotten when you craft. (That’s why cakes are important.)


5. Your bookshelves have more craft materials than books on them.

6. … And most of the books are crafting ones, anyway.

7. Getting pricked by a needle feels like being betrayed by an old friend.


8. You could spend hours comparing thread colours.

9. Heaven help whoever uses your fabric or paper scissors for the wrong task.

10. Your friends have started to ask for gifts from you.

Bonus #11: You believe crafting has improved your life.


Welcome to the club!


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