And January’s craft to learn is …!

Crochet hearts

Yep. I’m becoming a hooker!

.. But not that kind. A crochet hooker.

Ahh, crochet. Beautiful and simple, all you need is a ball of yarn and a hooked needle.

It’s difficult to talk about my interest in crochet without talking about knitting. Knitting, which I learned from my aunt when I was eight-years-old, is one of my favourite crafts. It’s calming, portable, and versatile.

My mom (who has a craft blog, too, go check her out!) always thought it was funny that I knew how to knit but had never learned to crochet. Crochet is, after all, considered the simpler form: it requires yarn, and one needle. Simple, right? Although I suppose anything is if you’ve been doing it for years like my mom! (She’s a beast in the kitchen, for one.)

Long story short, crochet is a craft I’ve been meaning to learn for a few years. For a productive start to 2013 I thought it was appropriate.

Leading up to the New Year I’ve been gathering beautiful examples of crochet (and good tutorials!) on Pinterest. The cool widget to the right shows my latest overall pins, too.

+ What to expect now!

Since this is the first month in my ‘learn a craft a month’ project, I’m going to break down how this’ll work. First off, just because January is crochet month does not mean I won’t post anything but crochet related posts. Nuh uh. I got way too many ideas to stick to one niche, ladies! (And gents. Ahem.)

As the month goes on I will post some cool crochet-related goodness, though, like the following:

  • A sneak peak of my crochet project!
  • Technique tutorials so you can learn, too
  • A round-up of my favourite crochet sites and crafters
  •  Some fun printables for crochet productivity!

Whew. Deep breath. Lots of cool stuff coming! Be sure to subscribe to the blog and follow me on Twitter so you don’t miss out on updates. ;)

Anna xo

P.S. The lovely crochet hearts in the top image are made by my mother! Aren’t they adorable?