Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Crafting Fingers!

It’s an hour into the New Year, so time to take the leap and write the first post for Crafting Fingers! What time could be better suited for the birth of a new project?

After a busy, wonderful, fantastic 2012 I’ve realised that it’s time for some crafty goodness. For all that happened in 2012, I did very little creating. As someone who thrums with restless creative energy that’s a bit of an oversight! And let’s not even mention the identity crisis of thinking of myself as a crafter, even though I didn’t work on any creative project that took longer than a weekend to finish.

Taking a CREATE-ive stance!

In 2013, I want to create and make and do! In 2012 I brainstormed and planned so many projects that didn’t happen. It’s easy to think of too many good ideas that in the end, none of them get finished. So instead for 2013 I want to focus on four concrete projects:

  1. Learn one new craft each month in 2013.
  2. Take a photo each day with our Canon as a Project 365.
  3. Sell at a craft market by June.
  4. Start an herb garden.

My biggest aim for 2013 is to turn my time into something more inspirational and meaningful (to myself). I want to look back at the year and see growth, in myself and in my crafts and in my life. I feel taking the challenge to learn a new craft each month will force me to step out of my comfort zones and grow.

Another way I want to make my time more meaningful is by gifting as much handmade throughout the year, whether by myself or by someone else. I am hoping to do mostly the former, but I think I’ll give myself some slack every once in a while. Buying handmade to share with others is just sharing the love, after all.

I’m so excited to start documenting my adventures on Crafting Fingers! Hope you’ll join me.

Happy New Year!
~ Anna xxo