Flowers for the home and granny squares for the wall

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Flowers for the home and granny squares for the wall by Crafting Fingers

It’s one week into January already! And what a wonderful start to 2013 it has been. :) On top of starting my learn a craft a month project, I’ve been following Apartment Therapy’s fantastic ‘January Cure’. It’s is a month-long start to organising your home for the New Year. (Although the tips are fantastic for whenever!) So far it’s been a wonderful week of loving my home!

This weekend one of the assignments was to get flowers. (And to mop. But that’s not as fun to talk about.) I swept Alex off to Tesco and when we were there I got the flowers, as ordered. Cos I totally never like flowers otherwise, or anything! Gosh!

With £4 of flowers I made five arrangements for the home, using some makeshift vases: 

Flowers for January Cure week one by Crafting Fingers

Aren’t they cute?

I love reusing bottles and jars like this! I did cover up the label on the shortest bouquet with a polka dot ribbon later. I usually wrap some yarn around the bottle necks to spruce up the bare glass, but today I wanted a crisp, reflective look!

In other adventures, crocheting has been so much fun I wish I had started sooner. Better late than never, I suppose. Part of the fun has been learning how to read crochet patterns. It’s so lovely to look at a picture, instead of just rows and rows of text. Beats knitting in that sense by far!

The granny square pattern especially is so lovely I’m working on a bit of wall art based on it. Here’s a peak:

Granny square wall print design by Crafting Fingers

The design is in its early stages yet, but doesn’t the symmetry of the granny square appeal to the eye? Even when I didn’t understand what I was looking at I loved it. Understanding it makes it even more fantastic!

It’s getting late, and I need my crafting sleep. I’ll be dreaming of granny squares! ;) Are you doing January cure? What do you think? I’m loving it!

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