My wonky crochet adventures!

My wonky crochet adventures, from Crafting Fingers

Ahh, there it is. My first granny square, ever, and my first proper crochet project!

Isn’t it adorably wonky?

Learning to crochet is something I never thought I would do, but look! There’s the proof that ‘cannot’ isn’t permanent, after all. A perfect start to my ‘learn a craft a month’ project.

It’s been years since I learned to knit, but learning crochet brings back memories of dropped stitches and scary looking patterns. I have to confess the first hour into crochet I was ready to scrap it! The yarn I had chosen to start with was a very beautiful sock yarn, but it was splitting all over the place and driving me crazy.

I switched to a thinner, tougher yarn just in time to save my sanity, and off I went. Whew!

It’s fascinating to make something with your hands when you barely understand what’s going on. I sat there and followed some step-by-step pictures in a book, and then I was holding the start to a granny square in my hands.

It was a very amateur, wobbly start, but I was proud. And still am, thank you very much! 

My very first crochet!

Crochet is growing on me. The simplicity of it is wonderful. I love how easy it is to go back and fix mistakes, too! There’s only one loop to keep track of, after all. No cumbersome backwards-knitting. (Eck.)

Ambitions for future projects:
– Heart garland for Valentine’s
– Market/summer tote
– Stool covers
– Nesting bowls!! (love these from My Poppet)
– Dish cloths

I think I’m addicted already! Help! ;)

All the best,
~ Anna xo

Yarn used: Sonoma Print by Lily

Yarn used: Sonoma Print by Lily – 100% cotton