July’s Craft: Sewing

July's craft of the month

This month takes me past the half-way point. It’s the race to the finish from now on!

To make things even more special, I’m heading over to Finland for three weeks to visit family. The best bit? I’ll be learning this month’s craft from my mother. I learned May’s craft from a mentor, but it’ll be entirely different to learn from Mom.

Its funny how when you’re small you take your parents’ skills for granted. Of course Mom can sew, and I’ll learn too … eventually. But enough with eventually, I’m going to learn now.

Sewing is something I’ve admired for so long that I think my biggest weakness this month will be wanting to make everything all at once! What do you mean I can barely sew a straight line? I want to make a fitted rockabilly dress pronto! Maybe I’ll start with finger puppets. That sounds safe.

If you love sewing or just hoarding fabric, be sure to enter my half-way there celebration giveaway. There’s some beautiful cotton gingham fabric up for grabs! (And lots of other goodies, go look!)

If you need me, I’ll be studying the ‘Sewing Kit Essentials’ section on Purl Bee. ;)

What are you working on in July?

Happy crafting!



P.S. My mother has a craft blog, too, so check it out! I’m going to be learning sewing from a lady who has designed this adorable guy. Pretty awesome, huh?


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