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September’s Craft: Pyrography

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Learning pyrography in September on Crafting Fingers

I already mentioned that September’s craft is smoky, rustic, and perfect for autumn.

Doesn’t woodburning tick all the boxes? ;)

Some of my earliest memories are of my mother decorating little crates with pyrography techniques. The crates were being prettied up for market displays. (Can you guess where I got my DIY bug from?)

There’s a revolution of crafts being made modern again and I think pyrography is coming more and more out of its shell. The beauty of this technique is that it’s so simple it can be traced back hundreds and even thousands of years back. Heat applied to wood to make art was seen in Egyptian times. Wood burning is probably as old as human’s control of fire itself.

In China it was called ‘Fire Needle Embroidery’. How awesome is that?!

Now, amazing artists are making gorgeous guitar bodies and contemporary chairs and

July’s Craft: Sewing

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July's craft of the month

This month takes me past the half-way point. It’s the race to the finish from now on!

To make things even more special, I’m heading over to Finland for three weeks to visit family. The best bit? I’ll be learning this month’s craft from my mother. I learned May’s craft from a mentor, but it’ll be entirely different to learn from Mom.

Its funny how when you’re small you take your parents’ skills for granted. Of course Mom can sew, and I’ll learn too … eventually. But enough with eventually, I’m going to learn now.

Sewing is something I’ve admired for so long that I think my biggest weakness this month will be wanting to make everything all at once! What do you mean I can barely sew a straight line? I want to make a fitted rockabilly dress pronto! Maybe I’ll start with finger puppets. That sounds safe.