Lived and Loved in April

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April has flown by in a flurry of spring rain, bawling lambs and budding trees. The longer days and warmer nights have coaxed Mother Nature into full-fledged green glory, and I love it.


This month I’ve loved how even animals (big and small) have woken up for spring. Everyone’s taking advantage of the good weather to go for longer walks with their dogs, and lambs have decorated the hills here in Crickhowell as they’ve basked in sunlight and run after their mothers.


It seems as if everything burst into bloom overnight as the last bits of snow melted from the hilltops. The wind smells like blooms and a hint of the summer to come. It’s enticing!


I’ve been busy training my own green-thumbed skills at home. Our garden is starting to shape up after our efforts to put love back in the neglected soil. My herbs (parsley, chives, and basil for now) are flourishing and smell delicious.


I love the smells of gardening and nature. The smell of freshly cut grass is so refreshing after the damp winter months. On sunny days the soil smells warm and fertile, too, the hint of summer echoed by chirping birds.


In crafting adventures, I’ve been learning stamping. But to take a break (and be a bit naughty) I jumped ahead one afternoon to learn glass-cutting, in prep for May’s craft. Carys Rodwell (her glass work is pictured above) was a wonderful teacher. I’ll be introducing her properly in May!

April’s other pleasures not pictured here:

Reading in the garden
Walking in the spring sunshine without a coat
Being mentioned as ‘one to follow’ in Mollie Makes magazine
My one year marriage anniversary!! (just yesterday, the 27th)
Baking bread and simmering homemade sauces

Curious about what May’s craft is? I mention it in my interview with Simply Homemade magazine. Can you believe April has gone by so quickly?

Hope you’re enjoying spring sunshine, too.



What have you enjoyed in April?

4 thoughts on “Lived and Loved in April”

  1. Happy Anniversary! I love all your beautiful pictures. I think everyone is ready for nice weather. Looking forward to your new craft!

    1. Thank you Patti! The sunshine has been brightening up this week so let’s hope it continues. I can’t wait to share my fused glass projects! :)

  2. Lovely pics! I’ve enjoyed a month of pottering around our local area after our holiday in Oz. I’ve realised how much I really love where we live – markets, walks, good pubs, independent shops and links to city when i need to see the skyscrapers! : )

    1. Thanks Lisa! I really do love towns with independent shops and a homey feeling that aren’t too isolated from bigger cities. You get the best of both worlds!

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