Settling into May’s Craft

Learning fused glass with Carys Rodwell

Oh, what a month April was! Stamping was fun, and I can tell you I’ll never see a wine cork or a rubber eraser the same again. Or a potato, for that matter.

But it’s time for a new craft of the month, and for May I’m excited to tell you I’ll be working with a mentor! Carys Rodwell makes beautiful fused glass pieces and this month she’ll be taking me through the basics of her craft. You can see some of her work on her Facebook page.

My first project will be a set of glass coasters. I’m thinking some bright colours for summer!

In other exciting news, a couple packages in the post have gotten me rather excited.

Any guesses?

The first was my prize package from Kellee Rich. I won some samples of her beautiful notebooks, along with a bit of yummy tea and chocolate. It was the perfect pick-me-up! A girl can never have too many notebooks. Or chocolate. Or tea!


I love Kellee’s take on the Ampersand. These notebooks are lovely and pocket-sized, too.

The second package, drumroll please…bizcards

… Was the arrival of my lovely new business cards. Look at them in their 100% recycled paper glory! What do you think? I designed them myself. :)

Is it sad I’m so excited to be able to touch my logo?

All the best,

What are you working on in May?