Three DIYs I loved this weekend

This weekend I’ve been busy getting started on projects for this month, and I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to. The sunshine this weekend has really spurred me on!

In the garden …


I like to think May Day marks the start of BBQ season. We’re extending our patio with a patch of gravel to keep our BBQ and furniture on. Problem was, the BBQ arrived before the gravel. But that (and cloudy weather) didn’t stop us from enjoying some burgers on Friday afternoon.

Totally worth it, though!


Remember Boots? We rescued her in January. She loves the sunshine even more than I do and is always eager to ‘help’ when I’m busy in the garden. Just look at that diva face!

In the kitchen …


Does baking count as a DIY? I think so. It’s no longer assumed that when you have biscuits in the house that you’ve made them yourself. Same goes for bread. Simple foods that used to be standard kitchen skills are now complicated and mysterious to most of us.

But chocolate chip cookies are nice and easy. Just mix, plop on a baking sheet with a spoon, and bake. Voilà! I tried this chocolate chip cookies recipe, but halved the caster sugar to 50g and only added 175g of chocolate chips.

With Cag Rodwell …


May’s craft is fused glass making. Cag Rodwell is local to me here in Crickhowell and I popped over for a coaster making lesson. I chose stripes in colours to match our kitchen, with a couple copper wires to add interest. I can’t wait to see what they look like fused!

If you have read my interview with Simply Homemade you’ll be a bit familiar with my process in learning crafts. I’ve quickly realised that with a mentor to guide me I don’t need to do as much study before I start a project, since she can show me as I go along.

After a bit of practise, I can say that cutting glass isn’t as scary as it sounds!

Hope everyone’s been enjoying their long Bank Holiday weekend.

All the best,

What have you been up to this weekend?