November’s Craft

November's craft of the month: basket weaving

I’m 11.5 months into this 12 month journey (where HAS TIME GONE?!). What.

November’s craft of the month is basket weaving. I’ve been busy so to give myself a break from trying to schedule in solo-learning (which tends to be pushed until 12am when it’s too dark to take photos) I’ve signed up for a course at my local art charity Arts Alive.

The photo above is from my little taster of the course back in October. My basket weaving course is going to last every Monday for five weeks, and even after just one day I’m already laughing at how loose and uneven my attempt back in October was! Bah!

I have a couple bases now and hope to finish two baskets before the course is over.

Pics to come soon, promise!

Thoughts on basket weaving so far:

  • Willow smells good. Earthy and comforting.
  • Keep. your. shoulders. relaxed. (= Note to self for next week.)
  • If you try it give your hands time off! It’s hard work!

It’s really satisfying to see the willow form into a sturdy weave when you’re starting from thin, supple stems. There were other people in the course at different skill levels. It was great getting a glimpse of all the different stages in making a basket!

Happy crafting! What have you been working on?



P.S. If you’re curious about basket weaving you can take a peek at this comprehensive photo guide to making a willow basket.