21 things to make, read, and love

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Advent calendar kit by Buttonbag

Buttonbag Advent Calendar kit c/o John Lewis

Most of us have heard of the philosophy that being grateful makes you happier.

As my project to learn new crafts comes to an end (well, technicallyI’m not going to stop learning now!) I’ve been thinking a lot about mindfulness. Learning new crafts has a way of putting you on the spot and making you focus on right now this minute. Mistakes and pricked fingers happen pretty easily otherwise.

21 things is going to be a new series posted every Monday, sharing things I’ve loved, made, read, and generally just enjoyed the week before. And what day of the week needs a bit of cheer more than dreary old Mondays? It’s all about making, reading, and loving in the moment.

Enjoy this first instalment of crafty links and reads!




  • Starting the Christmas music marathon. NO. SHAME.
  • The lingering smell of willow after basket weaving
  • Digging out the winter candles (hello caramel, pine, and fireplace!)
  • Cuddling our new kitten! (That makes two felines in this house!)
  • Seeing the photography I did for Cag Rodwell come together on her website
  • Brainstorming goals and dreams for 2014
  • Checking off DIY gifts one by one off my Christmas list!

Advent calendar kit by Buttonbag

What have you been reading, making, and enjoying lately?


3 thoughts on “21 things to make, read, and love”

  1. A great list Anna! And very excited to hear you have a new kitten.

    Lately I’ve been enjoying coffee dates and lots of blankets when I’m indoors. I’m working on plenty of bicycle bracelets and have also got started on some Christmas crafting :-)

  2. Eeee you have a kitten (I’ve gone all soppy), how exciting!

    Love the list, and I love the idea – I’ll be sure to check it out every Monday. I’ve been learning a lot recently about mindfulness – it’s so important, yet I’d never thought to apply it to my crafting habits.

    I’ve been enjoying knitting a lot at the moment; finally working out colour charts has really opened my eyes and boosted my confidence. Team that with being hooked on Breaking Bad and it’s clear to all that I’m in hibernation mode. ;)

    Leanne x

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