Rounding Up Calligraphy (March’s craft of the month)

It’s April already and yup, it’s time for a new Craft of the Month.

But first, let’s talk about March!

What I expected from calligraphy

Foundational hand calligraphy

  1. A lot of inky mess.
  2. Expensive pens and materials.
  3. Broken nibs. Lots of them.
  4. Wobbly handed failure.

Let me explain: my handwriting is messy. Terrible, if I’m honest. It’s loopy and unstable and changes from one page of my notebook to the next. My writing looked good enough when I was younger, but years of typing have taken their toll. I could probably mask as a doctor with my scribble.

So I tried calligraphy as a true challenge. I wanted to see if someone with as little care for their handwriting as me could make an honest attempt at such a beautiful craft.

The answer?

A resounding yes!!

What I actually got from calligraphy:

Faking calligraphy

  1. Two affordable ways to start practising, and no broken nibs!
  2. Yes, lots of inky mess. But good inky mess. I earned those stained finger tips!
  3. Better appreciation for handwritten and even digital typography.
  4. Improved handwriting.

To start practising calligraphy I used an £8 fountain pen, a £2 Basildon Bond writing pad, and ample use of the ‘cheater’s technique’. If you want to learn to ‘cheat’ and fake calligraphy, check out my tutorial!

Calligraphy Inspiration

The best part about learning new crafts is all the eye-candy research that needs doing. You know, for inspiration. And stuff. Serious.

Do your own ‘research’ by checking out these sites I love:

Flourish & Whim

The Fozzy Book

ISLY (Melissa Esplin)

Lindsay Letters

English Wedding

I’ve collected a lot of calligraphy and typography inspiration on Pinterest, too.

Calligraphy and typography pinterest

Calligraphy has been my reprieve this month as we’ve moved house and settled in. To make it simple I focused on learning Foundational Hand this month, but I’m going to learn something more italic and flourishing next! I’ll let you know how it goes.

Before you go, watch this video of Paul Antonio explaining the basics of this wonderful art form:

Isn’t it amazing?

April’s craft announcement comes tomorrow, see you then!