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Celebrate National Stationery Week #stationeryaddict

Happy World Stationery Day!

We’re halfway through National Stationery Week and to celebrate, I wanted to share the essential stationery bits & bobs I couldn’t do without on a daily basis. These are my babies. Honestly, they probably see more of me than my husband does.

(I’ll be honest. Writing this post was just as much about fondling my stationery stash as it was to share with you guys.)

Stationery essentials for creative people |

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How much would you pay for a good idea?

Notebooks are stuffed in pretty much every single available nook and cranny of my office. There’s always one within arm’s reach. I doodle, sketch, outline, take notes, plan, graph, and otherwise scribble ideas on a daily basis. (I always have one of my DIY pocket notebooks in my purse.)

It’s like idea purging.

I use an A4 exercise book from Ryman (it’s only 99p!) for calligraphy practise and sketching DIYs.

Index Cards

Index cards are the perfect size to outline blog posts and breakdown projects into bite-sized pieces.

I love to use them for to do lists too. If it fits on an index card or a post-it note, it’ll fit in my day.* When I do tasks I haven’t listed, I always scribble them in the margins or on the back. It’s good to see what tasks actually matter most at the end of the day!

(*Wording matters. Of course things like “teleport to the moon” and “finish 300 page draft” aren’t possible. I wish!)

To Say Thanks

Simple of gestures and pleasures can be made even better with a thank you card. I love having a card set at hand. My favourite is the Great British Bake Off “Thank  You” card set by Quadrille. (Pro tip: Keep an eye out for deals in shops like TK Maxx.)

My favourite pens | Stationery Week @ #stationeryaddict

Who can resist a good pangram?

Pens too good to resist

Have you ever had a pen so juicy you’d find any excuse to use it?

Maybe that’s just me.

These pens are my on-the-go and in-the-office favourites:

Pilot V Sign Pen
With a beautiful solid line of ink that dries quickly. Also has that totally satisfying marker-on-paper scratching noise as you write.

Uniball UB-157 Fine
Not to be confused with the UB-155 or UB-157D. This pen is amazing. Thin, crisp, waterproof ink. It seriously flows.

Parker Jotter Ball Pen
For a jotter, it’s so smooth and reliable. I feel like a pro when I whip it out to take notes at a coffee shop and click the button down.

Celebrate National Stationery Week #stationeryaddict

Stationery Week is all about writing and using fantastic tools to do the job.

Join in the fun! Write a postcard, scribble some notes, and be sure to enter the fantastic Happy Paper Club giveaway. You could win a monthly subscription of stationery goodies worth £60, all made by The Green Gables. (Count me in!)

What stationery do you use on a daily basis?

Lots of crafty love,


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