The ‘Half-Way There’ GIVEAWAY

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It’s been a crazy, amazing six months so far and I can’t wait to see what it’ll be like to look back on 2013 on New Year’s.

The people I have met, the conversations I’ve had, and the crafts I’ve tried have done so much to enrich my life this year. I’ve been blown away by the support for this little project. Thank you.

But onto the good stuff!

There are some yummy little prizes here from craft materials to handmade goods, so let’s see what is up for grabs in the “half-way there” giveaway!


(scroll to the bottom of the post for a full list of prizes)

Macramé Camera Strap

  • 4 min read

Macrame camera strap


Macramé is such a fun craft to play around with, and today I’m sharing a macramé project that’s sure to be a bit different from the 70’s plant hangers we’re all used to.

In this project, macrame is used to cover up a camera strap and give it a funky (and more comfortable) makeover. Who said cord was the only material for macramé?

This technique can be used to cover all sorts of objects, so take a look at the tutorial and try it out. You don’t need to stick to camera straps.

The Anatomy of a Letter (Printable)

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The Anatomy of a Letter, free typography printable on Crafting Fingers

It’s time to celebrate! Every month in 2013 I’m learning a new craft, and now I’m halfway through.

When I focused on calligraphy in March, what I learned was that beautiful letters have just as much to do with [highlight bg=”#cf2b2c” color=”#ffffff”]typography design as they do with the physical strokes of calligraphy.[/highlight]

The deliberate form of each component is what makes letters so eye-catching. The space between letters (kerning), the form of each shoulder, the height of each beak — everything is carefully designed and put in place. It’s a form of art that started long before we created machines to do our writing for us.

I’ve designed this free ‘Anatomy of a Letter’ print for you. It’s not an exhaustive source for all the terms, but it gives an idea of just how much thought is put into letter design.

(And who doesn’t like a pretty print!)

Basic embroidery stitches

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Basic embroidery stitches: running stitch, blanket stitch, lazy daisy stitch, and chain stitch

It’s time to celebrate! Every month in 2013 I’m learning a new craft, and now I’m halfway through.

When I learned embroidery in February I got close to giving up. The fine embroidery threads I had bought didn’t appreciate my fumbling. I got sore fingers and tangled threads for my trouble.

Then I tried embroidering with yarn. I loved it! If you’re nervous to tackle embroidery, try yarn. It exaggerates the stitches, so it’s perfect for learning how they work. It helps that it builds up quick and looks good, too!

You need:

  • DK or thinner yarn
  • Needle with large enough eyelet for yarn
    (Yarn needles might not be sharp enough)
  • Fabric of choice (I’m using denim)
  • Embroidery hoop

The stitches you’ll learn:

  • Running stitch
  • Blanket stitch
  • Lazy daisy stitch
  • Chain stitch

Let’s get started!

Two-Tone Crochet Flower

  • 6 min read

Two-tone crochet flower from yarn scraps (photo tutorial) craftingfingers.co.uk

It’s time to celebrate! Every month in 2013 I’m learning a new craft, and now I’m halfway through.

In January, Crafting Fingers went live. After celebrating midnight on New Year’s I rushed home and published the first post on Crafting Fingers. How far this blog has come!

That month, I learned crochet. It was the first step on an amazing adventure so far, and I can’t wait to see where the next six months will take me.

This two-tone crochet flower is a quick project to crochet. Enjoy!

You need:

The stitches used:

  • Magic circle
  • Double crochet (dc) American single crochet
  • Slip stitch

And that’s it! Grab your hook and your yarn and let’s get started! If you need help, take a look at the photos after the pattern.

It’s time to celebrate! (Join me!)

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We are six months in, ladies and gents, and that means it’s time to celebrate!

When I started my project to learn a new craft every month, I didn’t think my little blog would get to this point. Part of me thought I would have given up, and part of me feared I’d get scoffed at by ‘serious’ crafters. And hey, sometimes I have! But through six months and six crafts, several thousand readers have found this blog and spurred me on just as much as the satisfaction of learning new crafts.

Your comments, shares, likes, and encouraging emails have pushed me to keep going. I’ve talked about how important validation is for crafters before, so to say thanks I have a week-long celebration. I’ll be sharing a tutorial related to each craft I’ve learnt so far, one each day.

The party will end with a yummy giveaway full of crafty bits and handmade goods. Details will be posted on June 28th so keep an eye out.

Tomorrow starts the tutorial marathon, with crochet!