Macramé Camera Strap

Macrame camera strap


Macramé is such a fun craft to play around with, and today I’m sharing a macramé project that’s sure to be a bit different from the 70’s plant hangers we’re all used to.

In this project, macrame is used to cover up a camera strap and give it a funky (and more comfortable) makeover. Who said cord was the only material for macramé?

This technique can be used to cover all sorts of objects, so take a look at the tutorial and try it out. You don’t need to stick to camera straps.

A different take on macrame. Macrame camera strap

What you need

  • Point-and-shoot camera with durable strap
  • Approx. 4 metres of ribbon (2m of each colour)

The length of your strap will determine how much ribbon you need, but I used 2m of each colour. It’s better to have too much ribbon than too little, because the macrame stays put by filling the available space. If you have to stretch out the knots to cover the length of the strap you can make small stitches to sew the ribbon in place.

Macrame camera strap

Tie the ribbon’s middle around the base of the strap like shown. The strap is going to be the ‘middle’ and will be covered up by the ribbon.

Make sure to keep the two tails as even as possible!

Macrame camera strap

Create a loop on one tail like shown. Take the other tail first over ….

Macrame camera strap

… and then under and through the loop you created.

Macrame camera strap

Pull tight!

Macrame camera strap

And create a loop on the left side.
Take the right tail over, then under and through the loop.
Pull tight.

Continue alternating sides for the loops and pull each one securely.

This is a macrame ‘square knot’.

When you’re finished with the ribbon, tie tightly a couple times around the strap’s cord and cut the ends. You could leave the ends long and tie them in a bow for a different look to mine.

If your ribbon doesn’t want to stay tied, glue or sew the knot in place.

Having trouble?

This tutorial takes you through the square knot. Keep in mind the camera strap replaces the two strands in the middle:

[divider top=”0″] Macrame camera strap

Voilà! Enjoy your camera strap’s new look. How pretty is that? Macrame camera strap

It’s been so much fun sharing some of the techniques I’ve learnt. Be sure to check out the other ideas I shared!

Other things to macramé:

  • Jewellery bangles
  • Hoop earrings
  • Stems of dried flowers
  • Chair legs
  • Banisters
  • Bottles and vases

Get the idea?

Happy crafting!