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My craft room | Crafting Fingers

I’ll be completely honest. It took four months in this house for me to get my craft room organised.

First, my desk sat on the back wall. That wasted too much space throughout the rest of the room and was a bit dark. Then when my desk was by the window, there wasn’t any wifi signal. And the impractical period of 4PM to 8PM all summer was too bright for me to see the screen.

I felt a bit like Goldilocks. Too much space. Too dark. Too bright. Too little wifi.

Now the room is perfect. And I love having my blue bureau centred in the back.

My craft room | Crafting Fingers

My bureau is from the lovely Ty Cariad gift shop in Brecon. It’s been painted with Annie Sloan in Aubusson and aged to perfection. Furniture should be lived in. And this bureau wasn’t half as pretty before it got painted up.

My craft room | Crafting Fingers

Two and half years of Country Living magazine has pride of place by the door. I love browsing through old copies and keep the current month at the top. It’s a bit like an inspiration calendar; every month I can look at the trends that have come and gone.

Little inspirational prints from the green gables are dotted around my craft space, too. I love Gabrielle’s work and am a proud subscriber of her stationery club.

My craft room | Crafting Fingers

When we moved to Hereford, I had everything I needed for my room. The only thing missing was better lighting.

Lighting can do so much to change a room.

When I’m crafting late into the night I will turn the ceiling light on. To be honest though, overhead lighting just ruins the mood. For cosy nights in, I love to sit in my craft chair with some crochet or doodle in a notebook. On those nights, I use my Apothecary Lamp. When I was given the chance to choose any desk lamp from Lighting Majestic I wanted something that suited the style of the room.

My craft room | Crafting Fingers

Disclosure: I was sent a lamp of my choosing (seen above) from Lighting Majestic

I needed a light that was stylish, bright, and easy to move around. Pretty and practical. The apothecary lamp ticked all the boxes. (And I love the little switch at the base!)

Where do you craft?

Lots of crafty love,

P.S. I admit my desk isn’t quite so pretty!

My craft room | Crafting Fingers

My craft room | Crafting Fingers


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    1. Thanks Hannah! This is the biggest my craft room has ever been. Not long ago I had a tiny corner in our bedroom. The roses are actually one of my DIYs – the tutorial is here christopherb134.sg-host.com/archives/diy-wire-rose-bouquet/ x

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